roup will adjust. Monitor nearby and find a person riding an electric bike; the second group stayed at the scene to collect evidence; the third group went to help me monitor a few people.” Yan queued up a list, including the names of Jia Ming and Huang Ling.

Chen Ge was standing next to him. He was planning to kill Jia Ming with a 南京夜生活论坛 carbine, but after seeing the arrangement of the Yan team, he didn’t dare to attack Jia Ming: “Team Yan, what do you think I need to do?
” Tomorrow we will notify you when we have the result. After all, handling the case is our police’s job. You have done well enough.” Team Yan turned to the side and said to Tian Lei, “Find someone to send Chen Ge back. There is no way to take a taxi in this place. He also worked hard tonight.”
“Xiaoqing! Come here, I will arrange a task for you.”
” Here !” Xiaoqing was a little nervous when he participated in the detection of a serious case for the first time.
“Did you see that person? Drive him home.” Tian Lei left with Team Yan, leaving the young policeman standing alone.
“Meet again.” Chen Ge smiled and said hello to the young policeman: “You may start to be busy in the future.”
Xiaoqing always felt 南京龙凤论坛 that Chen Ge’s smile was a bit scary: “Don’t talk nonsense, where is your home? I’ll walk you home.”
Chen Ge took a look at the time. At twelve o’clock in the evening, the night life had just begun for him, and he might not be able to sleep when he returned: “You wait, I’ll make a call.”
According to Chen Ge’s original plan, he was going to see him. After that, Ma Fu went directly to Fan Cong to see the weird game, but who knew that so many things happened in the middle.
Taking out his cell phone, Chen Ge sent a message to Fan Cong.
What he didn’t expect was that Fan Cong hadn’t slept yet, and a few seconds later, he wrote back to Chen Ge, saying that playing that game after zero will make it easier to see the problem. As long as Chen Ge is not afraid, he can pass now.
After getting Fan Cong’s consent, Chen Ge asked