Su Yu glanced at it and found that there are many invincibles, not only from the big clans, but also from some small clans. They are actually there. I don’t know if they were coerced or took the initiative to participate.
Among them, he even saw King Xuan Kai!
This clan, even this king, dare to come.
I thought about it carefully and laughed.
It seems that it is normal to come, I, Su Yujai, will be reported, and there is no way to kill. Today, I have slaughtered a few Invincibles, and he is not afraid of it.
Since he was afraid and couldn’t hide, then kill Su Yu. 南京品茶网 This was the solution.
Still decisive!
Did not continue to avoid!
At this moment, Hanxiang’s rickety waist gradually straightened, looking at the people of the sky, and whispered: “You guard, really don’t want to back down? Enemy with the ten thousand races, nine tides, you have not seen through? “A
fierce light burst out in 南京桑拿论坛 Tian Mie’s eyes, and he said coldly, “Hanxiang, do you want to try my big stick?”
Su Yu glanced at Tian Mie and saw his fierce light flashing. Forget it, don’t think about it at this time.
Hanxiang smiled and said, “Senior Tianmie is extremely powerful and fragrant is not blessed. Why don’t you ask General Duobao to have a discussion with Senior Tianmie?” In the
void, the rich and powerful General Duobao, with a rich expression on his face, heard the words. , Chuckled, and quickly sighed: “Brother Tianmie and I have known each other for many years, Hanxiang, it is difficult for me to do it if you say that!”
Hanxiang respectfully said: “General, my emperor said, take Tianmie , I would like to lend the Immortal Emperor Stele to the general to observe the tide!”
Duobao was silent for a moment, looked towards the heavens, 南京炮网 walked out of the Wanbao Building of the heavens, and sighed: “Brother Tianjie, I use Baoto to prove the truth, but Because Baoduo couldn’t join the Dao, the Immortal Emperor Monument might help me step into the He Dao. Since ancient times, I can’t wait.”