etween Yan Liuyuan and Sister Xiaoyu: “There is still a white dragon horse missing.”

Yan small Yujie six yuan and then the people would look very bad, but Chen invincible also have their own principles, he said:. “You do not see me, neither of you are white Ma, I do not recognize the chaos of”
this moment Wang Fugui and Wang Dalong are uncomfortable again, are they really Bajie and Drifting? !
“” Ren Xiaosu felt a little melancholy, his team was 南京品茶网 originally quite normal, but after Chen Wudi came in, his style of painting suddenly changed.
However, what surprised Ren Xiaosu was that this Chen Wudi went crazy and had his own internal logic, but why did the other party recognize himself as a master?
He ignored Chen Wudi, but silently calculated everyone’s appetite. Right now, Sweet Potato should It’s still enough to eat for about two days, and the sweet potato may not be bad even if it is left in the winter.
It’s a bit tired to hurry with your back, after all, sweet potatoes are quite heavy.
Now they may be only about 100 kilometers away from the 109 barrier. A normal person can walk 40 kilometers if calculated for 8 hours a day. If the intensity is higher, they can walk 50 kilometers. However, it is estimated that Wang Fugui, Wang Dalong, and Xiaoyu’s body will be better. Some are 南京夜生活论坛 overwhelming.
In the afternoon, Sister Xiaoyu helped Yan Liuyuan pick out the newly ground blisters with needles and threads. Yan Liuyuan looked at Sister Xiaoyu’s profile quietly at the time, and suddenly felt that it was great to have 南京龙凤网 such a sister.
At this time, the blisters on the soles of the refugees’ feet have rotted and re-scabbed. After the scabs, they will rot. Escape is far from being as simple as “how many kilometers can be walked a day”.
Therefore, Ren Xiaosu estimated that it would take at least 3 to 4 days for them to reach Barrier No. 109. They save some sweet potatoes, and they don’t even need to go out to find food again.
Suddenly Ren Xiaosu heard Jiang Wu’s voice not far behind him: “E