Su Yu said lightly: “Forget it!”

Davao stopped talking.
On the Protoss side, both Zhan Wushuang and that Protoss Sun and Moon were high, frowning.
2200 strands!
This price really makes people bleed, even if the gods and demons are rich and powerful, they also have to bleed.
Is it worth it?
And Su Yu, at this moment, is a bit stiff, the price is too high, it seems that either the Protoss or the Demon took it away. At such a high price, arranging an invincible to hunt him down, is it not a big problem?
I can’t stay on this battlefield of the heavens!
His technique of change cannot be hidden from 南京桑拿论坛 invincibility.
“Then I can only sneak back into the human world, or simply go to Xiaojie for refuge!”
At least near the Star Sea, I can’t stay in the near future.
Too dangerous!
Invincible can see through him at a glance, and if you encounter Invincible, you will definitely die!
Silence 南京炮网 again, for a long period of silence, Davao couldn’t help but said: “If you don’t bid, it’s the Demon Race, Tianduo, you can make a decision!”
He was a little nervous, a little excited, and a little breathless!
2200 wisps of sky numbers!
Tianduo really posted this time. The premise is that this guy is okay. The premise is that it’s okay. It’s best to return to the Demon Realm. The Rad family will not let Tianduo hold so many things. Although the opportunity of genius is not to be taken lightly, If Tianduo does not hand in more than half, the Rad family may not protect him!
With so many treasures, no one protects Tianduo in the Demon Realm, so be careful!
It’s normal to be assassinated!
The Demon Realm is not all in one mind. If it is true, there will be no war in the Demon Realm.
Su Yu once again look to the Protoss strong, 南京419论坛 indifference: “This is the Protoss also offer you day Yi Protoss remains strong, do not bid, then it would go the inferno?!”
And then he said: “Sin family and What about the Dragon Race?”
He actually wants to sell it to the Immortal Race!
Of course, it’s okay no