kay,” Ren Xiaosu didn’t argue about anything. Since he came with a learning attitude, he must study hard, and he shouldn’t be proud and complacent when he feels that he is very good.

When the two came to the backyard, Lu Yuan pointed to the sandbag hung in the middle of the yard and said, “Hit it with all your strength, let me see your level.”
“Well,” Ren Xiaosu walked to the sandbag, and Lu Yuan suddenly saw him bend his knees slightly. , The whole person suddenly 南京龙凤论坛 exerted force like a whole, and the sandbag burst open!
Lu Yuan was stunned for a while, this is a sandbag specially prepared for the transcendent.
But what he was surprised was not Ren Xiaosu’s power. The power of the transcendent was high and low. The power displayed by Ren Xiaosu was not particularly unusual. It could only be regarded as strong, but it was not surprising.
Of course, this was when Ren Xiaosu didn’t use Destroy City.
Lu Yuan was surprised that at the moment Ren Xiaosu exerted his strength, his muscles seemed to be in one body, without flaws.
In particular, the movement of slightly bending the knees of the hind legs is very important. Many people do not use the strength of the legs when they force their punches.
Is this really untrained?
Moreover, he could also see that Ren Xiaosu didn’t exert his full strength, his left hand and arm were always in a semi-relaxed state, and he could lift up with force at any time.
Controlling power is more difficult 南京龙凤网 than exerting full power.
Lu Yuan suddenly asked: “Why didn’t you try your best?”
“Ao,” Ren Xiaosu explained : “Get used to it, all you encounter in the wilderness are wild beasts, and sometimes you don’t know what attacks they have, you must guard against them. “One hand.”
Lu Yuan said: “Try kicking and side kicking again.”
As a result, Ren Xiaosu’s performance still made Lu Yuan unable to fault. Probably this is also a kind of talent. Lu Yuan sighed: “It seems. You didn’t have an easy
life in the past.” In a leisurely and relaxed life, you can’t