blood bites in many places in New York State. I suspect that Victoria and the others did it. They brought people to investigate. It has been more than a day.” Jane said.

Jiang Hao thought about it for a moment, “Jane, you might be in the middle of the trick.” “I also have a foreboding that this should be Victoria’s conspiracy, which is to lead us over.” On the other end of the phone, Jane gritted his teeth. Returning to Fox from New York, we still need […]

he began to consider whether the thing was a bad joke, or some bold scam.

But what is the point of this joke? Who will do this kind of scam? Who would concoct such content with what purpose? And most importantly, in such a primitive and backward medieval society, which person with a bigger brain can make up the term “heavy bomber”? ! Gawain frowned, pondering the meaning behind the […]


t, 50, I invested 1 million, didn’t that make half a million.” Abao called out first. “Haha, I invested 3 million yuan, and I made 1.5 million yuan a month. Oh my god, it makes more money than anything else. I said that my brother must call me if there is 南京炮网 something good. By […]


ion, Batman accidentally heard a mutant mention about the superhuman evolution fluid gene potion, the mutation People also say that not only mutants inject this superhuman evolution fluid, but even some heroes will also inject this evolution fluid. After reading this passage, Jiang Hao was slightly taken aback. Injecting evolution fluid to gain superhuman abilities, […]


cago and was known as the’underground mayor’. He acted with high-profile and ruthless methods. He most liked to use Chicago typewriters to rush people. In 1932, he was sent to prison for tax evasion. In fact, in this movie that Jiang Hao is making now, the gangster in it is the gangster of Capone. By […]