Na Gu Yan was anxiously devouring all kinds of Dao power. At this moment, hearing Su Yu shouting to himself, he looked up, with some anxiety and depression.

There are six Hedao from the Five Elements tribe, and for the Yan tribe, to this day, only the father is the Hedao. In the upper realm, the Yan clan is also very weak, and there is only one 南京夜生活论坛 second-class harmony. He wants to step into Hedao! But why not? Being able to be […]

emed to be the same.

Man, I am also a person who has done great things! Need to be afraid of an exam? The trainees began to enter the examination room one after another. Examination room No. 5. Five examiners. For the assessment of the War Academy, there are three examiners from the Daxia War Academy, the Longwu War Academy, […]

ient just by living in the mountains.

At this moment, the palace suddenly said: “Open a side mission: If the wolves are not dead within 7 days, a new product of the vending machine: Seed will be unlocked.” Ren Xiaosu was taken aback 南京夜生活论坛 when he heard this, because he had a desire. Self-sufficient mentality in the mountains, so the palace opened […]

llow me to meet Fang Yu first. I promised her that I will bring you to her.” Chen Ge opened the comic book: “You should want to see her too?” The

man nodded, “Want to see, but I am also very scared.” “You want to see her, and she wants to see you. This is enough. If you have any difficulties, let’s overcome them together.” Chen Ge communicated with Yan Danian and included the man in the comic book. He took out the black phone and […]

good as you, so you don’t have to care too much.”

Zhan Hai smiled and said, “Or I’ll wait and see. , Wait for the other party to come out?” “You, don’t waste time, why should you go? Isn’t it too late to wait here?” Zhan Hai laughed again, nodded, and said nothing, and walked away. go with. It looks like a genius. What Huang meant, […]

Behind them, Tian Mie and them were also a little uncomfortable. Su Yu said in a voice transmission: “The seniors are different. They need to suppress the passage of the dead, which is different from the waste!” The

guards were relieved when these words came out. Too! However, in the surroundings, many Invincibles had strange eyes, and some were unspeakable and uncomfortable. Does the seventh tide have to be in harmony? If Hedao is as simple as that, the half emperor wouldn’t be the same now! It’s really uncomfortable! In the distance, the […]


Liu Hong seemed to understand what she meant. He was a little speechless and too lazy to argue. He smiled and said, “Lan Lan, your talent is still very good. You are not inferior to him, and you are willing to work hard. This is very good! The key point is wrong.” “What?” “He cultivated […]

‘s mobile phone, but the photo Here she is mature and bright, with a special temperament.

“People who have been dead for a long time appear again. I am afraid that this can only be done by using the things behind the door.” Chen Ge already understands what attracts the white cat. The bloodshots it swallowed come from the world behind the door. , That is, those things are attracting white […]

tigate Jia Ming before. You can ask Team Yan for details.”

“You haven’t seen a real person.南京桑拿会所 You just passed an external investigation. How can you easily draw conclusions? I have been in contact with Jia Ming and Huang Ling. Even Huang Ling feels that she is sick, but you say that it is her husband who is sick. Do you know me better than the […]

g of memory disconnection is very uncomfortable.” Teacher Wang glanced at Chen Ge, and he didn’t say any further.

In fact, he had that feeling again after visiting Chen Ge’s haunted house, so he would record all the details in his notebook after waking up. This is not to say that he suspects Chen Ge is the murderer, he just feels that Chen Ge does not look like an ordinary haunted house owner, which […]